T-Seps Training Videos
and Manuals

We have a lot of online videos covering every aspect of using the program. And, the Reference Manual is excellent and covers a lot of details including preparing the artwork and troubleshooting. You should download the complete manual for T-Seps 2.0 or 3.0/3.5.5 from our Downloads page HERE. These are PDF files that you can save to your computer.

The following online videos cover every aspect of running and having success with T-Seps. These videos are all YouTube videos that open in a new window when you click on the links below. If you encounter problems viewing any of these videos please email support@tbiznetwork.com. These videos feature program developer Scott Fresener. They include hundreds of insider tips and tricks for making a poor piece of artwork look outstanding on a shirt with the help of Photoshop and T-Seps. 

If you are a Free Trial user please take time to watch these short videos in order to have good success with the program.

If you have any problem watching these videos here you can watch them on our YouTube channel.

Note: Videos are shot at a specific period in time and as program updates are released and as Adobe makes changes, sometimes the video content becomes dated or they do not address new issues or features. Always check the Support page Troubleshooting section for the latest information about problems, bug fixes, Photoshop issues or other current information.

T-Seps 3.0/3.5.5 Users – Many of the videos below are for T-Seps 2.0. but the majority of them work with T-Seps 3.0/3.5.5. The major difference between T-Seps 2.0 and 3.0/3.5.5 is program tweaks, new routines a graphical interface, and the fact that it takes advantage of programming changes and new features in all CC versions. The running of routines, creating the artwork, and doing tweaks to the finals seps is pretty much all the same. We will be adding more videos specific to T-Seps 3.0/3.5.5.

Videos About T-Seps
We have been having problems with our video player that links to the videos on YouTube. We are working to correct this. If you click on a video and it does not play, try going directly to our YouTube Channel and the T-Seps Playlist HERE.

General T-Seps Overview Videos – Click on videos links

See T-Seps in Action in Real Shops

T-Seps Training Videos

Getting Started with T-Seps

Simulated Process Color Separations

Index Color Separations

Real CMYK Process Color Separations

Old Photo Black and White Separations

Image Enhancement Routines

Troubleshooting T-Seps

Videos of Interest

General Computer Graphics Videos with Great Information

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