T-Seps & FastFilms Testimonials
T-Seps is the big brother of the industry standard, FastFilms which was introduced in 1999. A lot of these letters are from FastFilms users since it has been around so long. Here are just a few of the hundreds – if not thousands of testimonials we have received over the years. See more testimonials at our T-Seps Facebook Fan Page.

Wow. I’ve been using T-Seps since there wasn’t a Photoshop Plug-In interface. I ordered the VCR tape and watched Scott instruct me on how to do the separations manually! Instantly, I looked at all of our designs in a different light. We began lining up difficult artwork and testing it out. We have amazing customers like MillerCoors, Disney, Urban Outfitters, Harley-Davidson, among others. In other words, the final t-shirts had to look not only “good,” but professional enough to persuade high-level buyers / licensors to approve them. T-Seps comes through every time. In addition, knowing how T-Seps works, has given our designers a new perspective on what Channels are, and what they can be. At first, they seem delicate and non-editable. However, through T-Seps, we learn that they can be altered, moved around, drawn in, combined, knocked out, all while preserving the original source file.

I would guess that we have created close to 500 successful simulated process projects. Most of all, Scott and his team are always great to work with. When I get a new computer, they’re always there to make sure I’m up and running. If you’ve purchased other plug-in actions for Photoshop, you know how frustrated you feel when things crash, or the program needs your License Key every time you open Photoshop, or when your computer re-starts. However, once I enter the T-Seps response code, I’ve never had Photoshop crash, or, ask me for all of my codes again and again. It’s very solid and stable.

Overall, I wish there were more businesses like T-Seps out there. You get professional software that works, and, you feel like you’re important to them, and part of something bigger. Cheers to T-Seps! 

Frank Keppler
Brew City Beer Gear, Inc.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Can’t run my simulated and 4c process without this. People have come to me
to re-sep art that they just can’t get good results from other software.
Kalan James
Top Tier Graphics

I’ve been using these programs as well as the original software since 2003.
I cant say enough about them. When I started in business it instantly
leapfrogged me over the competition!
Judy W.
Lion Country Graphics

Great program and the support is outstanding! Superior Customer Service!
Gene C.

Must have software. If you are already running a successful business the addition of T-SEPS will SEPerate you from your competetion.
Daniel Esparza
Schur Management

T-Seps Took My Work To Another Level ! I was about to pull the trigger on Separation Studio but wanted to see what else was out there. Separation Studio reminds me of old and outdated software. I downloaded the T-Seps free trial and watched the videos on Scott’s youtube channel. T-Seps was a little intimidating at first, but once I played with some separations while watching videos I got it. Here’s the deal. Separation studio does one thing, spot process separations. With T-Seps, I have can do way more. Watch the videos for yourself. You will quickly see the that Scott knows what he is doing and does separations for a living. I really don’t want my competitors to use T-Seps, but I don’t want other screen printers paying $795 for Separation Studio either.
Larry Hernandez

This is an excellent software, I am very happy with the result that it does, saving a lot of time.
Thanks Scott!
Michel Quintin
GMA Serigraphie

This product is a game changer! Very easy to use and lot’s of options to experiment with. 5 stars!Awesome!
Simon Yates

I just got your e-mail announcing the new 2.0 version of T-Seps, and I already ordered it. When we got Fast Films (ver. 1) many years ago, it opened up a whole new kind of printing we had not been able to do before. We were finally able to do dark shirt printing, something we had only dreamed about being able to do in our shop before. After upgrading to each new version of Fast Films I was sure that there was nothing out there that could beat it, but I was wrong. When we got T-Seps I found out that the program I thought of as being the best thing since sliced bread (Fast Films) was now outdated. T-Seps took over as the one program we could not do our work without. I can’t wait to get version 2.0 installed and running.

I can’t believe it has been 30 years ago since I ordered your book “How To Print T-shirts For Fun & Profit” and began our screen printing business, and still today it is your products that enable us keep moving up to the next level.

Thanks a lot!
Kurt Kummer
Modern D-Signs, LLC

Creative Concepts/Just1Shirt.com
Three years ago, after so many requests to do large volumes of T-Shirt printing jobs, I bought a manual six-color screen printing press and once again setup a screen printing operation in the back of my store. One of my first jobs was a full-color image on black shirts which can be difficult considering this was my first screen printing job in awhile. I called Scott for help. He helped me get up to speed with FastFilms.

I was blown away by the final print and so was my customer!

Since then I have upgraded to T-Seps and frankly it has drastically changed my business. My business is currently the only one in town that has the capability to do high-end printing on dark shirts. Thanks to my secret weapon, T-Seps, my customers come back time and time again for the quality work my business provides to them.

I have done jobs ranging from 800 to 2200 pieces for everything from the Brownsville Zoo to the official state “Duck” and “Turkey” stamp images on shirts. Rumor has gotten around that I am “the guy who can do it all” and I owe it to T-Seps.

I am now taking 2 to 4 full-color jobs per week which is very unusual for a business my size. Once people find out about our full-color screen printing capabilities and see our end products they are coming from all over to see and purchase shirts for their events, family reunions, businesses, etc.

The great thing about T-Seps is that if you have any questions or problems, you get direct phone support with Scott, himself. In fact, on many occasions, he has “tweaked” my seps for critical jobs and not charged me a cent. I know he truly cares about making his software work for his customers and he wants to see them do better work. He takes pride in his printing accomplishments and it shows in his tech support for customers. I’ve even called him on weekends and nights and he is there!

Mark Francis
Creative Concepts

My First FastFilms Job!

I purchased FastFilms (now upgraded to T-Seps) from you at the Fort Worth Trade show a few years ago. My first job with it was a picture of an electrified basketball for a team who had won a big tournament for the second straight year and they wanted this picture on a BLACK SHIRT. I decided to put FastFilms to the test.

Now keep in mind that I am a one-man shop with very little spare time to learn Photoshop. I scanned in the picture but the background of the photo was kind of a sick gray instead of a solid black. I cut out the basketball and used a background picture from FastFX. I did the 9-color simulated process routine and weeded it down to six. I used 195 (I was a little hesitant to try to pull white through anything higher) for the under base and highlight white. I used 305 for the other colors.

Shortly there after, I pulled the first shirt off the press. I was PUMPED!!! FastFilms has opened a whole new avenue for me. I cannot believe how well it works. Thanks Scott for a great product!

Donnie Miller
Miller Graphics

Waynoka, OK

Scott – Your FastFilms (and now T-Seps) is the best product by far. We tried the Spot Process system that was a promotion (free for 1 year) when we ordered Rutland ink. It was very difficult to use and not as complete as yours. We did not use it the full year. I have been in the screenprinting business since 1980 and this has made my life much simpler. I can do things with my 6 color automatic that other printers can’t do with their 8 and 10 color presses. I recently sent a set of separations for a black shirt to a local printer (we were all doing super bowl designs here) and he said he was very impressed at how well the separations worked. They took me about 30 min to adjust the colors and then run the separations using the 9 color simulated. I was an early user of your screen print manager program and am glad to see you’re at it again with your new software for business. All serious printers large and small can benefit from this program. Keep up the good work.

James M. Avery
SGS Designs, Inc
Tampa, FL

My name is Vinnie StJohn, and I am one of the dinosaurs of the heat transfer printing industry. For years I toiled with first manual, then complex separation functions with Photoshop or similar products. And seps for dark garments? My nightmare.

When T-Seps came along, the complex became plain English push button logic for guys like me. Click on this, Click on that, plain and simple instructions taught on DVD’s so anyone can understand. Did you miss it? No problem, just play it back again. This is what the industry needed.

Not only are the separations outstanding, the effects I was able to produce on my 4 color process designs were amazing, most especially for me, the edge effects. No more square or normal boundary designs, now they have great edge effects with push button ease. A powerful package with unrivaled support and real life training DVD’s.

If I can do it, anyone can do it. What good is a software package if you can’t use it in the real world? T-Seps is for anyone who wants to add to their art dept arsenal.

Thank you Scott!

Vinnie StJohn

Davie, FL

I just wanted to let you know T-Seps is one of the best things to happen to the screen printing industry. I’ve been in this field for over 35 years as an illustrator and I’ve seen a lot of changes in the way we separate art. This is the best! Your instructional video that comes along with you product is perfect and leaves no questions. So long CMYK… Thanks again!

Bill Pence – Art Director
Tayco Screen Printing & Embroidery

I tried the FastFilms demo the other day. Wow – I had understood that adjusting the channels was normal and I was good with that- but I wanted to try it straight from the program to see how it did- so I burned the screens and I can’t express my elation when the print was finished – just WOW!

To think that I have been sitting here for years doing this stuff, sometimes hours at a time, without FastFilms. I’m not sure that FastFilms does a better job or not (on some jobs I suspect it will) but I can definitely say that the bottom line will show the advantage. FastFilms will let me spend my time at the press instead of sitting in front of this monitor – man just push a button and its off – truly amazing.

I have been a FastRIPT/FastPOS user for a while now and I have to say that I have only been using part of the system – the three together is truly an awesome thing. For years I fought the art/seps battle and I never in my wildest dreams thought this would be possible. It is scary to think that with this system even the newbie could jump out and start printing top-notch stuff the first week. Anyone who has spent time in this business can tell you that in the past it was not that way. Some of the things we used to have to do took years to master. Try to do hand separated process design or simulated process about 10-15 years ago and you just didn’t rush out and start doing awesome stuff. There definitely was a learning curve. I think I can safely say those days are gone for those who choose this system.

Scott my hats off to you. Again you have made an incredible difference in my screenprinting world – first with your books then with your classes – now this – about all that’s left is to come and print the shirts for us too. Truly amazing and I’m hard to impress. Thanks a million!

Russ Bird
Oklahoma Screen Arts

Wilburton, OK

Well I’ve been a color separator for about 10 yrs now and remember cutting rubylith & processing film. FastFilms is the best separation software I’ve ever used! It gives you so much control & options over your designs. I’ve actually trained three of my friends with no screenprinting experience how to use it!

Louis Narcisse
Creative Touch Studio
Staten Island, NY

A week after getting FastFilms I did my first simulated job. All I did was follow the instructions and the program did the rest. That one job paid for the program. Thanks Scott.

Roy Sanchez
San Bay Studio

Denton, TX

We are so happy that Scott and his capable crew created this wonderful addition to our arsenal of “weapons”. We have created so many gorgeous shirts since discovering FastFilms and FastRIP and attending the classes. My staff stares in amazement at the wonderful product we can now easily produce. Thank you Scott and Mike and all of your wonderful staff for finally creating a worthwhile and easy to use program. We love you up here in Vancouver USA…

Ron Rucker
Excel Designs Inc

Vancouver, WA

I have been using FastFilms for approximately 3 years now. I find it very effective for my light / dark separations. The tech support is great and nice too. I waited along time to buy it but when I got it, I wondered why I waited so long to catch up with the industry.

Joe Pearson
Action Shirts

Huntington Beach, CA

FastFilms is a great addition to Adobe PhotoShop. I started printing with CorelDRAW and still use it for some things but with FastFilms I find myself using CorelDRAW less and less. The Support folks at FastFilms are great also.

Leon Davis
The Shirt Stop

Leitchfield, KY

I love FastFilms™!!!

Gene Blades
Blades Designs

Trappe, MD

I have enjoyed FastFilms and FastRIP immensely. Your support team is very helpful.

Paul Fisher
One Way Screen Printing

Hadley, MA

I have been using FastFilms for 3 years and what a pleasure it has been. No worry, no fuss, just the best quality separations delivered in minutes.

Laurence Fenthum

Bloemfontein, South Africa

FastFilms is awesome software. It is very easy to use and follow. The index separations are great.

Magic Screeners

New Zealand

I had a friend who was an airbrush artist who had a client who was a pool cue stick manufacturer. He had created a design that he wanted on T-shirts and he sent it to me. I had no idea how to separate it. This was the day I found FastFILMS. I downloaded the trial version, ran the artwork through the program, output the seps, and printed the shirts. The shirts impressed a lot of people and I purchased Fast Films. I have used it ever since. When comes to simulated process, it’s the easiest way I’ve found to do separations.

Gary Rudisill, Owner
Rudisill LLC

Gettysburg, PA

I greatly appreciate FastFilms! I have only called a couple of times, but got quick, honest and accurate help! It is a great program that I could not get by without and I have been doing Graphic Design for 10 years.

Mr. Lari B. Davis

Huntington Beach, CA

FastFilms is an EXCELLENT program. I Love It! Thank You. You have made my job so much easier!!!!

Jerri Martens
Southpaw Screenprinting and Embroidery

Rock Hill, SC

FastFilms is a great program that makes my bussines easier.

Gnter Mader

Weinfeld, Germany

FastFilms is great, and if I had more time to play with it, it would be stupendous.

Jim Sturrock
Jubi Prints

Vidor, TX

FastFilms is one of the best things we ever bought in the start up of our company. We use it on every project, whether it be 4 color process or 6 color simulated.

Bill Haugen
H & S Printworks

Puyallup, WA

FastFilms is the greatest thing I’ve seen for screen printing. It has really given us unlimited capabilities for producing what is on screen to the garment. FastFilms has really given us that extra edge over our competition.

Jason Henley

Hattiesburg, MS

BRAVO! FastFilms makes life so much easier and if you love your work it only enhances the experience. I will never be without my FastFilms

Roosevelt Brown
Homey Clothing Company

Portland, OR

It’s been so great working with FastFilms. We are 100% satisfied with the program and the support. Keep it up.

Henry Badani
Excel Screen Printing

Skokie, IL

FastFilms (now T-Seps) has saved me a lot of time on producing my separations. It also helped make Photoshop more understandable. Thanks for the great product!

Rick Erickson
Rick Erickson Productions

FastFilms made us stand out from the crowd. We now print jobs we could not have attempted before. We now name our price because our competitors can’t print the designs we can.

John Weatherly
Gorilla Sportswear

Baytown, TX

You guys hit home run with FastFilms!

Frank Canon
Pinto Works Screen Printing

Norman, OK

FastFilms, is the best thing out. Sometimes I don’t even bother re-drawing in Illustrator. A little cleaning up in Photoshop then FastFilms, THEN LETS PRINT!!!

Froi Irizarry
Frois Screenprinting

Kenner, LA

FastFilms, It’s better than superman. Nothing like it, fast, safe and fun to use. FastFX is fun to use also and the video to help me with my Photoshop is a lifesaver. I just bought FastRIP. Now my art room is complete. Thanks and God bless U.S. Screen Printing Institute!

James Roberts
Promise Land Prints

Corning, CA

FastFilms is one of the best software products on the market for today’s screen printers.

Mike Murray
Carolina ScreenWorks

Greensboro, NC

I would be lost without FastFilms. I have so much to learn and not enough time. I started my digital printing and screen printing business with very little money and very little experience, but FastFilms has helped me tremendously.

Patricia Badish
Something New Designs, LLC

St. Lucie, FL

 In my opinion, FastFilms is the best separation tool for the price “anywhere in the industry”. No other company could have better product support.

Daniel Campbell
Daniel Campbell Designs


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