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Don’t miss out on the FREE download or our book How To Print T-Shirts For Fun And Profit! Click HERE to go to our store. From our very popular T-Seps automated color separation program, to online Training Courses, and our very busy Color Separation service…… we have something for you! In fact, between the dozens of great Articles on this site to our very busy YouTube and Facebook pages – we want to be your source of industry information and training. Stay well and safe! Scott Fresener

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Get ALL Key Online Master Classes for only $99!

SPECIAL PROMOTION. For ONLY $99 you get THREE of our Online Courses including High-End Color Separations in Photoshop (includes complete Photoshop Training Course), T-Shirt...

How to Print T-Shirts eBook! FREE!

For a limited time this eBook is FREE! We just updated our very popular book How To Print T-Shirts for Fun and Profit as an...

T-Seps – Color Separations Made Easy

Are you struggling to do great looking color separations for photos and high-end images? Or do you have a simple JPG and you can't...

Color Separations by Scott Fresener

If you don't have time to learn or use an automated separation program like T-Seps, or if you don't do enough high-end work -...

Newbies and Startups

Marketing & Selling Basics 101 by Scott Fresener

This article should be titled "If you can't make a sale you only have a hobbie." Create a Plan and Set Goals TODAY! True! If you...

Halftone Dots Made Easy

Preparing Artwork for DTG Printing by Scott Fresener

This is a topic that a book could be written about because a lot of things that need to be or could be done...

Halftone Converter

Is The Future Here? – Watch Interview with Pete Bolsoni

We were thrilled when one of our very first students - and youngest - Pete Bolsoni told us he had upgraded his shop to...


When the dust settles on trade shows and the pandemic we will update the show list for 2022. Events Calendar.

Woodstock…I was there … or was I?

This is a "reprint" of a fun little article I wrote on the 40th anniversary of Woodstock in August of 2009. I thought I...

T-Shirt War Video

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