General Support Information

Technical Support
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T-Seps Support
T-RIP Support

Download Team Viewer here.
These files are small and easy  to use. Simply run Team Viewer  and it will generate a password  that you give to our support  staff and they can now log onto  your computer and take control.

Technical support is provided via email, phone and internet.

Support Hours
We have published support hours but we generally have someone online monitoring email and phone voice mail during off hours. Feel  free to contact us after our published hours and we will generally get back to you right away.

Normal Support Hours: 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday Mountain Standard Time

Support Phone Numbers
If you receive voice mail, please leave a detailed message including a call back number and email address.

Toll Free (US only): 1/888-801-1561
Main and International Number: 480-212-1078
Fax: 480-951-8561

Email Support
Please send a detailed message including your company name, product name and phone number to

Online Support
There are times where we need to simply see what is going on with your computer.  We use a program called Team Viewer to log onto your computer and take control of it so we can update files, verify if they are in the correct location or just run routines to see what is happening. To do this you need to have the small program called Team Viewer Quick Support on your computer. You can download it on the right of this page.

Support for Third Party Products
We do not provide technical support for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Epson Printers or other products we do not sell. 

Specific Product Support
T-Seps Automated Color Separation Software
T-RIP Film Output Software

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