T-Shirt Printing Master Classes

This is what you have been waiting for. Scott Fresener is now offering online training for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and now T-Shirt Screen Printing at his new T-Shirt Printing Master Classes.

The latest class to be released is T-Shirt Screen Printing that teaches everything you ever wanted to know about decorating garments. Check it out HERE.

SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER. Now you can take ALL THREE key courses – High-End Color Separations, Adobe Illustrator, Screen Printing for a flat one time fee of $125! The Photoshop course is included with the High-End Color Seps course. Learn more HERE.

Each course consists of short videos, Mini-Manuals, work files, individual critique by Scott, quizzes, and a Certificate. Take the courses at your own pace for up to TWO YEARS! In fact, take them on a computer OR tablet or smartphone!

T-Shirt Printing Master Classes

There are a lot of YouTube videos on every topic but these are real courses with a cirriculum that follows a step-by-step proven program taught by industry experts. If you want to learn the right way to use graphic programs – this is the place.

The course videos are done in short segments that are easy to revert back to for up to one year. They feature the instructor in the lower right of the screen like the “gamer videos” so you can actually feel like you are at a live lecture.

T-Shirt Printing Master Classes

You can take our courses with confidence. We want you to be happy and are offering a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – no questions asked. Simply email a request to scott@tbiznetwork.com within 30 days of registering for a class and request a refund. You will have it within 48 hours during normal business hours. Easy!

There are currently FOUR classes you can take. PLUS, we have a bundle of the three Key Courses for only $125. This bundle includes the High-End Separations, Adobe Illustrator, and T-Shirt Screen Printing courses. The Photoshop course is not included because it is part of the High-End course. Click HERE for more details. 

High-End T-Shirt Color Separations in Adobe Photoshop

Sale $125.  Regular $245.

  • 11 Hours of Video
  • Training Manuals
  • Work Files
  • 55 Videos!
  • Private file evaluation with Scott
  • Every method – Simulated, Index, CMYK, B&W, Special Effects and more.

T-Shirt Graphics with Adobe Photoshop

Sale $75. Regular $125. 

  • 4 Hours of Video
  • 25 Videos.
  • Training Manual
  • Work Files

T-Shirt Graphics with Adobe Illustrator

Sale $75. Regular $125.

  • 3 Hours of Video
  • 17 Videos
  • Work Files

Start Learning Right Now!

T-Shirt Screen Printing Master Class

Sale $75. Regular $199.

  • 15 Hours of Video
  • 45 Videos
  • Mini-Manuals

Watch sample lessons for Free. You can easily look at some of the FREE content by simply registering for the Free Trial (no money needed). If you would rather not register but you still want to see sample lessons CLICK HERE to see FREE samples on our YouTube channel.



Here are short videos about the High-End Color Seps course.

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