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You can download free trials of all our programs along with manuals. If you have purchased a program this is where download it and then follow the manual for unlocking directions. You will be required to use a real email address when requesting a download of T-Seps and T-RIP. Click on the Download links below. You will receive an email with a direct download link to the program you are requesting. If you don’t get a link within a few minutes check your junk/spam folder in your email program.

The T-Seps and T-RIP Manuals and the Free Software download give you an immediate direct link with no email address required. If you need to upload a file for evaluation or for color separations go to the bottom of this page for our Uploads link. If you have any problems or do not receive an email link within 5 minutes check your junk/spam folder or send email to

Please make sure to download the appropriate PDF manuals and take time to read through them.
We hope you enjoy our programs!

Important Note: Our downloading system will sometimes NOT send you the download link letter if you have already downloaded the program. If you do not receive a download link letter simply send email to and tell us what program you want to try and if for Mac or PC and what version of Photoshop you have (if using T-Seps).
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Description Compatibility or Details Download File or Link
T-Seps 3.0 or NEW 3.5.5. 
This is a 20-Day fully functioning Free Trial. T-Seps 3.0 ONLY works in Photoshop CS6 and the first CC 2014. T-Seps 3.5.5 looks and functions like 3.0 and it works in ALL Photoshop CC versions. T-Seps 3.0 and 3.5.5 is ONLY in English and you need an English version of Photoshop to run it. It is a simple matter to convert Photoshop to English and this is covered on the T-Seps Troubleshooting page.
Windows 7 – 10
T-Seps 3.0 – Photoshop CS6. 
T-Seps 3.5.5 
(build 2.0) – Photoshop CC ALL VERSIONS
Request Download Link

Mac – Intel

T-Seps 3.0 – Photoshop CS6.
T-Seps 3.5.5
(build 9) – Photoshop CC ALL VERSIONS
T-Seps is NOW compatible with Mac Catalina and Big Sur! It is not yet compatible with the new Apple M1 computer chip.
Request Download Link
English – Manual T-Sep 3.0-3.5.5 Reference Manual PDF File View or Download Manual
T-Seps 2.0.2
This is a 20-Day fully functioning Free Trial. If you own T-Seps 1.0 or 2.0 you can upgrade to 2.0.2 by downloading a Free Trial. The upgrade is free. You must uninstall the previous version first. Please read any Installation Instructions included in download. As of November 1, 2013 T-Seps no longer supports older Mac PowerPC computers or OSX 10.5 or lower. T-Seps 2.0 is in FIVE languages and can run on Photoshop in any of the languages listed below.
Windows 7 – 10
Photoshop 6.0 to CS6 32 & 64-Bit  Request Download Link
Mac – Intel Photoshop CS to CS6 32 & 64-Bit Photoshop OSX 10.6 or higher  Request Download Link
English Manual PDF File View or Download Manual
French Manual PDF File View or Download Manual
Portuguese Manual PDF File View or Download Manual
German Manual PDF File View or Download Manual
Spanish Manual PDF File View or Download Manual
T-Seps Sample Files Download a wide variety of pre-separated files Go To Download Page
T-RIP – Filmmaker Film Output
We have replaced T-RIP with Filmmaker 10 from CadLINK (almost identical). Learn more HERE. This is a 15-Day Free Trial you can download for evaluation. If you own T-RIP or the older FastRIP and you need to upgrade to get the latest print drivers you can download a free trial here and pay online at our Store. This is where you download the latest version. If you are doing a re-install of the older T-RIP 1.2 or newer 2.0 do NOT download from here. You can find a direct download of T-RIP 1.2 and T-RIP 2.0 at the T-RIP Support Page  HERE.
Filmmaker 10 Trial Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Direct Download Link
Free Software
Distressed Overlays Mac or PC. Corel, Illustrator, Photoshop distressed effects Immediate Download
Direct-to-Garment ROI Excel Spreadsheet File Immediate Download
Team Viewer – MAC/PC Online Support and Training Session Software Immediate Download
Other Downloads
U.S. Screen Print T-Jet and FastFilms Support Videos Go To Download Page
  T-Jet Support Documents and Manuals Go To Download Page
  FastRIP and FastFilms Manuals and Documents Go To Download Page
T-Biz Uplink Upload Files for Separations or Evaluation T-Biz Uplink
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