Take your business to the next level with T-Seps! Compatible with all old Photoshop versions and the newer CC versions. Works on Windows (all versions) and Mac including the Apple Silicon M1/M2/M3 computers with the release of the new T-Seps 4.0! PLUS get FREE Photoshop training (27 online videos) with the purchase of a full version of T-Seps. Details HERE.


Color Separations Made Easy!

It's time to upgrade the art department and the quality of your printing.

T-Seps is an automated color separation plug-in for Adobe Photoshop. It makes the task of doing simple and high-end color separations a breeze. T-Seps creates printer friendly seps for:

  • Spot Color
  • Simulated Process Color
  • Index Color
  • CMYK
  • Black and White Monochrome

PLUS it has a built in RIP, creates a Job Proof, recommends mesh count and print order, uses standard plastisol, adjusts for dot gain at press, has Special Effects, Includes FREE Photoshop training (27 videos) and a lot more.


T-Seps is actually 14 programs in one. See all the features and learn how T-Seps will work in your art department.

T-Seps History

T-Seps was first introduced in 1999 and called FastFilms. The name was changed to T-Seps in 2009. By our best guess over 1 MILLION seps have been done with our software.


Get the best support in the industry. Talk directly with developer Scott Fresener via phone, email or online chat. Support is given almost immediately and the same day.

Training and Documents

Learn how to use T-Seps with dozens of great videos on every part of the program. Download the comprehensive T-Seps User’s Manual.

This is excellent software, I am very happy with the result that it does, saving a lot of time. Thanks Scott!
Michel Quintin
GMA Serigraphie

Great program and the support is outstanding! Superior Customer Service!
Gene C.

Must have software. If you are already running a successful business the addition of T-SEPS will SEPerate you from your competition.
Daniel Esparza
Schur Management

Download a Fully Functioning 20-Day Free Trial today.

Sample Test Files

See for Yourself

If you are new to printing with halftone dots or high-end printing or if you just want to see how the separations look – choose from a number of download files that are separated and read to burn on screens and print.


Real Jobs Gallery

Real Jobs

With literally millions of separations done since 1999 with T-Seps and younger brother FastFilms – here just a handful of pictures of real shirts done with the programs.

Jumping Girls2


Happy Users

See why customers love their T-Seps and why they jump up and down for joy! From small mom-and pop users to huge multi-billion dollar industry giants with dozens of licenses – read what users have to say.


Scott Fresener

Meet the Developer

Meet T-Seps developer, Scott Fresener, who spend years teaching screen printing and color separations well before he developed FastFilms (now T-Seps) back in 1999. Scott is considered a pioneer in the T-Shirt industry and an excellent teacher and color separator.

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