This is what you have been waiting for. T-Seps 4.0 is finally here. It has lots of new and improved features and is Apple Silicon M1 and M2 compatible! Order or upgrade now at our STORE HERE.

Here is a quick list of new features:
* MAC Apple Silicon M1 and M2 compatible.
* Windows 11 compatible.
* Missing Pantone Color Books compatible.
* All Photoshop CC versions compatible.
* New and improved security program.
* Streamlined interface.
* 11 Step Grayscale on all films.
* Channel header and job details on all films.
* Improved and updated routines.
* Dozens of additional text and graphic effects.
* Halftoned customer proof option.
* Job Proof update.
* New training videos.
* Updated and improved manual.
……. and of course much more.

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