Advertise on T-Biz Network with our great Banner Ad program!

Whether you are a screen print supply company, blank T-Shirt supplier, wholesale printer, artist looking for clients, consultant – or offer any services to the industry you will be pleased with the response you will get from advertising on T-Biz Network.

We have very affordable banner ad rates and plans to fit your budget. The secret to repeat views is content and we have excellent content with our technical articles, how-to-do-it videos, industry news and blogs. In fact, people spend a lot of time on the site. Content is king and T-Biz brings users back again and again.

There is no contract. Run ads on a month-to-month basis. Stagger the months. Easy. Our banner ad program allows you to track your ads, the number of views, the number of clicks, and allows you to upload your own ads, change ads as often as you want and really manage your ad campaign. In fact, our special “Ad Peeps” banner ad management program will even email you stats every week!

On average we get over 10,000 visits to our T-Biz Network website every month (new and returning users) and have over 30,000 page views per month. People spend time on our website to read articles and follow links to our YouTube videos and our other “family” of websites.

To start an ad campaign or have us customize a campaign just for you send email to Give us a shot! You will be pleasantly surprised.

Ads can be JPG, GIFs, Animated GIFs, and PNG.  

Advertising Opportunities on

Main Header Ad – 728×90 – $100 per month.
This ad has the most prominent position on the site. It is at the top of the site next to the main site logo. This ad is always visible on the site with the exception of the Store pages. Limit of 15 ads in rotation for this position.

Run-of-the-Site Ad – 468×60 – $100 per month.
This is an ad that rotates on the home page and dozens of other pages on the site including Articles and General Posts. Limit of 20 ad slots in rotation for this position.

Sidebar Main Ad – 300×200 – $75 per month.
This is a bold ad on the sidebar which displays on over 70% of the pages on the site. Limit of 15 ad slots in rotation for this position.

Main Footer – 728×90 – $90 per month.
This is a large footer ad that runs on the home page with every page view. This ad gets great visibility. Limit of 15 ad slots in rotation for this position.

Ad Bundles – All ad slots – $250 per month.

This bundle includes ads in all the above ad slots and sizes.

Other Advertising Opportunities

The T-Shirt Report Sponsorship
This is a weekly (or less) internet webcast featuring Scott Fresener and Richard Greaves. It is generally done via FaceBook LIVE and is featured on the Facebook page of T-BizNetwork. Each show generally generates over 1,000 views and over time can generate 4,000+ views or more. Contact us for rates and options.  

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