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Remote Support

There are times where we need to simply see what is going on with your computer.  We use a program called Team Viewer to log onto your computer and take control of it so we can update files and verify if they are in the correct location or just run routines to see what is happening. To do this you need to have the small program called Team Viewer Quick Support on your computer. You can download it on the left of this page. It is also included with T-Seps in the TSEPS folder on your C: drive (PC) or Applications Folder (Mac).

Download Team Viewer to a temporary folder and then run it like you would any program. Once you open Team Viewer on your computer (you need to use OUR version of Team Viewer) it will generate a Password and ID number based on your computer. You give those numbers to us and we then can log onto your computer and take control. After a remote session we log off and we can’t log on again until you generate a new password. It is very secure and we only have access to your computer during the remote session.

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