It’s Time to Upgrade your Art Department
Are you tired of struggling trying to print high-end photorealistic images on garments? Wouldn’t you rather spend your time running the business? Are you an artist who knows Photoshop but doesn’t really understand screen printing on dark garments? Are you stuck doing vector spot color images in Corel or Adobe Illustrator and have a hard time separating complex images in those programs? It’s time to update your Art Department with T-Seps! T-Seps is the big brother to Scott Fresener’s original FastFilms first introduced in 1999. With over 13,000 users world-wide of both programs it has proven to be the “secret weapon” of printers large and small.

The truth is for high-end printing the color separations are the real magic. Even beginners with limited Photoshop experience and homemade equipment can produce outstanding prints using T-Seps!

PLUS…. FREE Photoshop Training Course with T-Seps. 27 online videos!
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You can put T-Seps on TWO computers!

T-Seps is Easy to Use
T-Seps is plug-in software that works inside of Adobe Photoshop (Mac or PC) and almost any version. You simply open the file to separate in Photoshop and push a button. The file can be created in a vector program or can be a customer supplied JPG. Any file you can open in Photoshop you can use with T-Seps. T-Seps analyzes the files and creates a “channel” separation with one channel (separation) for each key color in the file. It creates an underbase and highlight white for dark shirts and allows you to reduce the color count to fit your press and to make tweaks to the file. All of this can often take less than 15 minutes!

What You See on the Monitor is What you Get on the Shirt!
T-Seps is pre-set to adjust for the 30% (or more) dot gain you will get at press and the seps display with the industry standard ink opacities set so the seps on the monitor display like the job will actually print. This is VERY important and a key feature of the program.

Other than high opacity inks used for the underbase – all other colors are standard “all purpose” plastisol (not opaque). And, T-Seps recommends the mesh count, print order and the ink color.

T-Seps also works great with Discharge and Waterbased inks!

Print Films and Burn Screens
You can print the files directly from Photoshop to a software RIP like T-RIP for halftone dots where there are gray levels in the image. T-Seps suggests the mesh count, print order, halftone frequency and more. If you don’t have a RIP no worries. T-Seps has a built-in RIP that will convert each channel to a separate file that is already halftoned. Simply print the films!

FREE Photoshop Training
Unlike the “other guys” we feel if you know Photoshop you will have more success and fun with T-Seps. We are now including our online Photoshop Course for FREE when you buy a full version of T-Seps. That includes 27 videos and almost five hours of training. Details HERE.

Check Out Customer’s Brags
Check out our Gallery of samples sent in by customers to see the type of work you can do with T-Seps. Download free Sample Files and print them out. You will be amazed at the type of work you can now do. Download our 20 day fully functioning Free Trial and do some jobs with it!

Free Support Directly with Scott Fresener
And…. if you have any questions or need help simply give us a call or send email! You get personal support directly with developer and industry veteran Scott Fresener.

You will wonder what you did without it!
T-Seps is addictive. After just a couple of jobs you will wonder what you did without it? You will start to even use it on simple vector jobs you build in Illustrator or Corel because T-Seps easily pulls the colors, let’s you adjust for trapping and choking, builds a great underbase, allows you to knock out for the shirt color in the image, has special effects built in like edge effects and the distressed look, allows you to improve low quality JPG images and of course a lot more!

This product is a game changer! Very easy to use and lot’s of options to experiment with. 5 stars! Awesome!
Simon Yates

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