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Computer Graphics


Customer’s first job with T-Seps

I have been working with a start-up screen printer in Mesa, Arizona called Group Imaging and they are doing things all the right way. They are a large banner and display manufacturer moving into adding T-Shirts to their product mix. Owner, Jeff Burris is not afraid of buying the best equipment and setting up a Read More

Figure 10

Class Name Shirts in Corel Draw

Some things never change. Regardless of what shirts are in style, there is still a market for putting a list of students in a class inside a word or the graduation year. This is an old technique that never goes out of style. This article shows how to create this effect in any version of Read More




DTG Machine Maintenance – a Must Read if you own DTG

A Little DTG Direct-to-Garment Background In 2004 when I first developed the T-Jet printer I was convinced it would be easy for the garment decorating industry to add this process to their bag of tricks. After all, other than the large Kornit printer (at that time), most machines were simply an Epson base inkjet paper Read More


Basic Screen Printing Techniques 101 by Scott Fresener

Stop! Don’t put this article down just because you a few years of experience. I teach beginners who can print better with ten minutes of instruction than many printers with years of experience. This article is written with the beginner in mind but take a few minutes – read this short article – and maybe Read More


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A Day In The Life Of Screen Making

This article is like a broken record and the reason I write about basic screen making is I am constantly reminded how confusing it can be to a newcomer AND a seasoned professional




The Industry


Finally…. a Digital T-Shirt!

This might  be huge – or not. A Digitial T-Shirt called thirt OS 2.0 (that displays images of your choice like a neon sign) has been developed by a wearable tech company called Switch.