Where Do You Start

The Screen

Press Set-up

Multi-Color Print Sequence

Adjust the Off-Contact Distance

The Ink

Don’t Be Afraid of Additives

Thin Some Colors More Than Others

Stir the Ink First

How Much Ink to Use

What Squeegee to Use

How To Hold and Move the Squeegee

Push or Pull

How Many Strokes Do You Do?

How Much Pressure to Apply

What to do at the end of the stroke?

When Do You Flash Cure?

Keep the Finger Prints off the Shirts

Here is a Summary of Right and Wrong

  1. Use 110 mesh for everything.
  2. Use low tension screens.
  3. Print the print on-contact.
  4. Use the ink direct out of the container with no adjustment.
  5. Print with a number of strokes in each direction to “work” the ink¬† into the garment.
  6. Flash cure every color.
  7. Have a VERY thick “bulletproof” print.
  1. Use the proper mesh for the job. Higher mesh counts for multi-color work.
  2. Make sure the screens are tensioned properly.
  3. Print off-contact – even if it means using shims on the press.
  4. Reduce the ink if necessary to make it flow and penetrate better.
  5. Use just one stroke to make a clean print with minimal ink deposit.
  6. Flash-cure only if necessary.
  7. Have a soft print that has good detail and can be done in high production

It Ain’t Brain Surgery

Scott Fresener

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