A Shirt That Resists Stains and Spills!


This could be huge. A 20-year-old college student named Aamir Patel has developed a stain proof T-Shirt called Silic that he claims is a “self cleaning shirt impervious to even the most ruinous liquids.”

What is great about this product is that Patel started a Kickstarter.com campaign and raised over $300,000 to fund the manufacture of this product. The Kickstarter for this item ended January 25. Check out the Kickstarter site for this product HERE. There also some cool videos about the shirt on the site.

Embedded with silica (silicone dioxide) particles on the surface, the Silic will retain its water-repelling ability through as many as 80 wash cycles yet the fabric is soft, breathable and looks fashionable, thanks to a design created by Rebecca Clark, a former Vera Wang designer.

Most importantly, Patel says that the “bonded” rather then coated material is safe and even possesses anti-microbial properties to maintain a fresh and sanitary garment.

A nanotechnology application process bonds billions of silica particles to Silic shirts’ polyester fibers. The particles work to form a microscopic layer of air between the fabric and most liquids that come in contact with it. Clothes washing will never be the same!

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