The Three Fastest Ways to Get New Business by Mark Coudray

The fastest way to get more business is to look at your existing customer base and see if you can't sell them more. There are a variety of ways of doing this. Two of the fastest are to create bundles and programs. Beyond these easy to implement ways are to reactivate old or lost accounts.

Why every company should do a Marketing Plan – Big or Small – by...

to be a Pulitzer prize winning coffee table document that takes thousands of dollars to produce, but it does have to be something that...

Why I read the Wall Street Journal

Call me a traditionalist. I still love the smell of coffee in the morning and a good newspaper to get my day started.  As...

Small Business Marketing Tips

Thank you small businesses! With your help our economy is recovering, and most people I talk to are telling me their businesses are improving.

Small Business Marketing Tips – Second Edition by Aaron Montgomery

Marketing without being a Fortune 500 company.

Examples of Good Marketing Tools by Aaron Montgomery

This article was written back in 2010 by our good friend, Aaron Montgomery, and the information is timeless. Enjoy. After a long break from writing...

What Value Do You Add? By Mark Coudray

In general, the public sees apparel decorators as "just another t shirt guy." We must be recognized as the premiere authority of decorated apparel in our market or niche. Our credentials must be unchallenged. Our technical ability recognized by the marketplace. Our reputation must go beyond our local market/niche to encompass everything about how our product is used. But how do we accomplish this?

On Doing Business in Changing Times by Mark Coudray

The industry has been through economic fluctuations in the past. We've seen ups and downs based in the general economy. We've also see the disruptive impact of new and emerging technologies. Times have changed and almost everyone I know and talk to are challenged with a serious impact to their business. Here are some ideas to help you position yourself for more business in hard economic times.

Where are the customers?

This article was first written in 2009 but it is still relevant today. ...
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