T-Biz Presents….”Fist Full of Squeegees”


Back in the mid ’90s Images Magazine in the UK had a great guy named Peter Rose doing their website.  Peter was also a screen print supplier.  He had his own site named Zodd’s Law for Intergalactic Screenprinters.  It was/is out of this world with typical Monty Python humor with a screen print edge.  And, there are some “R” rates articles and audio clips.

We had not talked to Peter in years and when we first made this re-release post of Fist Full of Squeegees. Peter contacted me to catch up and said he had left the industry. BUT…. his website Zodd’s Law for Intergalactic Screenprinters is still LIVE! Yes, it is still up.  Some links have been removed and the site has not been touched in years but if you want a HOOT, check out www.Cyberscreen.com.

Mike “Maliaki” Fresener and Peter schemed and worked on a couple of projects.  One of them was called Fist Full of Squeegees.  It is VERY FUNNY!

Here is an mp3 file for your enjoyment.  Keep in mind that Mike Fresener did some voices, his daughter, Cinammon, did “little Jimmy” and she was seven years old then! Peter Rose did all the effects and other voices.

This is circa 1996.  For your enjoyment and listening pleasure we now present…. “Fist Full of Squeegees.” Print long and prosper!

We would love to hear your comments and life in screen print land in 1996.

Click to listen to this outlandish old fashion radio broadcast. It is just under 15 minutes in length.

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