T-FX Text & Embroidery Effects Examples

Over 16 Text Effects
The following effects have a wide variety of adjustments allowing you to modify the effect and go to extremes.
woodtext grungetext glowtext rocks embossed
Wood Grain Grunge Glow Rocks Embossed
drippingtext checkeredtext blueneontext blasttext pinkneon
Dripping Checkered Small Blue Neon Blast Purple Neon
lightningtext checksmedium checkslarge 3dtext You can change the amount of an effect and also the colors and backgrounds.
Lightning Checkered Medium Checkered Large Three Dimension
Dozens of variations on the Fake Embroidery Look
These effects can be run a variety of ways to give you a lot or a little of the embroidery look.
embroiderywoody embroideryedge capstitch embroiderysurf You can change settings and get more or less embroidery. These effects work on full color images and text.