Freseners “How To Print” Book – Perfect for any Tablet


With the popularity of the iPad and other tablet devices it was only fitting that the popular book, How To Print T-Shirts For Fun And Profit by Scott and Pat Fresener be released a digital eBook version. For over 32 years their popular book has been the guide for countless thousands of garment screen printers. In fact, the book has sold over 140,000 copies since 1978 and has been continually updated over the years. It has 260 pages and 16 chapters on every topic. Read more details and see a chapter list here.

The video above is shot from the older 2008 version of the book. The most recent 2012 version is what is now shipping for the tablet. We have just not yet found time to re-shoot the video with the new version.

What makes this digital version exciting is that you can now read the book and watch training videos right in one document on your computer – but better yet – on an iPad or any tablet that will let you use an interactive PDF file! Frankly, seeing the book on a iPad and watching over 2.5 gigabytes of videos is simply amazing!

What makes the new version special is the amount of videos that play on every topic in the industry. From step-by-step screen making directions, to how to setup and print a multi-color design, you have the printed word and videos to go along with it. There are over 40 videos – FIVE hours – PLUS links to additional technical articles. If you needed a reason to buy an iPad – this is it!

You can purchase the new digital eBook a variety of ways. If you have an iPad then you can purchase the version that lets the videos stream over the internet (an iPad will not play embedded videos in a PDF document).  Video start and stream VERY FAST on an iPad. If you want to use the book on your computer, you can purchase either the download version (with no videos embedded) or better yet, you can purchase a DVD with almost 3 gigabytes of data and the videos embedded in the book. The DVD has both versions (iPad and with embedded videos for computers). The best part of either version… on a video and within seconds they play.

The new eBook is an interactive PDF file that will play on all computers (Mac or PC) and most tablet devices. Some tablets are book “readers” (the Kindle and Nook) and will play a PDF but will not let it link to outside videos or documents.

Best of all, if you already own the paperback version of the book, you can now get a companion digital version to go with it! And, you can print out the entire revised book from the digital version.

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