All of our products are available direct from T-Biz Network and from a wide range of screen print supply companies and other industry dealers/suppliers/manufacturers around the world. Your local or favorite dealer will often bundle our products with other products for discounts.

If you are a screen print supply company (inks, equipment, supplies), a blank garment supplier, or any other re-seller or supplier of products to garment decorators – we offer wholesale quantity discounts on all our products including T-Seps, T-RIP, and all our DVDs and books. To view those discounts, have access to dealer aids, and place dealer orders – enter our private password protected Private Dealer Page. Current dealers simply click to go to the page and enter your preassigned password. If you are a new dealer and would like access to our Private Dealer Page send email to Tell us about your company so we can determine if you are qualified or will be a good fit as a dealer of our products.

T-Biz Network password protected Private Dealer Page. CLICK HERE

We also offer discounts to institutions, libraries, book stores, and industrial/vocational training programs. For an Institutional/School Price List send email to

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