Updated 11-19-22
As usual….. Adobe can’t help but make changes to Photoshop and sometimes these changes don’t take into account how they affect third-part plug-ins like T-Seps. 

ISSUE #1: Update to version 2023 24.0.1 issues
T-Seps 3.5.5 works all the way up to CC Photoshop version 24.0.0 BUT with a recent new update to 24.0.1 and higher – users get a “program error” in Photoshop and T-Seps does not work. We are working on this issue to see what Adobe broke. This recent issue has caused us to pause on the final release of T-Seps 4.0. Historically, Adobe is very slow to respond to fixing issues like this and our programmer is trying various workarounds.

If you have updated to Photoshop 24.0.1 or higher you will need to install and/or use an earlier version of Photoshop (like 23.0) in order to use T-Seps. You can have more than one version of Photoshop on your computer at a time. Depending on how you do this – you may have to reinstall T-Seps. Here is a link with details on how to install an earlier version of Photoshop. If the link information seems confusing….. simply open your Creative Cloud Manager from your desktop. The Apps menu should show all installed apps. Find your current Photoshop app and to the very far right are three dots. Click on them and choose Other Versions.ISSUE #2: Missing Color Palettes and Separation Channels filled with Black
Adobe has been saying since August of 2022 that they would discontinue a number of key Pantone Color Palettes/Books and only be offering PANTONE+ – CMYK Coated and PANTONE+ – CMYK Uncoated. Click HERE for details. More details HERE.

This change has been slowly phased in and has not affected T-Seps until now. It is not a popular change and here is a website with comments and details. In MOST cases it has not been an issue because many T-Seps routines do NOT look to a specific Pantone color book even though we use a Pantone name for the color. BUT, the CMYK routine does look to the PANTONE Solid Coated book (now removed from newer versions) color book for the colors. Because it can’t find the color book – the separation channels are filled with black.

A quick workaround for this is to simply double click on each Channel and Ink Characteristics Color square. At the Color Libraries window click on Picker. In the RGB section use the following numbers for the colors of cyan, magenta, yellow. 

YELLOW: R 249  G  221  B  0
MAGENTA:  R 198  G 0   B 98
CYAN:  R 0      G 141   B 213For a more permanent fix, we have updated the Action (script) that T-Seps uses and  we will email this to you. Simply send email to along with your company name and details and if possible your T-Seps order number. Please include the version of Photoshop you have and if you are on a Mac or PC.

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