General Support Providers

For many years Scott Fresener’s U.S. Screen Print & Inkjet Technology was a premier supplier to the industry and was the leading innovator in color separation software, film output solutions, training, and the popular T-Jet direct-to-garment printer. Due to a variety of reasons including the crash of the economy, U.S. Screen Print & Inkjet Technology closed on April 15, 2009. If you have products from U.S. Screen such as FastFilms, FastRIP or a T-Jet, there are a number of industry sources providing service, support and upgrades for these products.

FastFilms Support
If you own FastFilms, Scott Fresener is personally supporting and unlocking the program and has introduced “FastFilms 5.0” in his new program called T-Seps. Current FastFilms users can easily upgrade for a small fee. For more information on T-Seps click here. For information on FastFilms support click here.

T-Jet Support
If you own a T-Jet there are over 65 training and repair videos on this site here and there are over 90 support documents, drivers, templates and more here.

FastRIP Support
If you own FastRIP for film output or FastFilms, there are dozens of documents on this site here.

Third Party Support for U.S. Screen Products
Some of the following suppliers are charging for support and others are doings support for free in hopes you might buy product from them. And, a number of these suppliers are offering upgrades for FastRIP and FastARTIST. If these resources don’t give you the answers you need email Scott Fresener direct at and he will try to point you in the right direction.


Steeletec is your Direct to Garment (“DTG”) Printer Technology pro, certified in T-Jet repair, service and training. Karl Steele, Steeletec owner, was responsible for all T-Jet machine maintenance and repair at U.S. Screen. Steeletec also provides support and repair on any Epson-based DTG printer. Whether your printer needs complete repair or a simple tune-up, contact Steeltec for fast, reliable, and professional service.

Products supported: All models of T-Jet printers.

American Screen Supply is owned by former U. S. Screen employee Fred Hess and family and has become a leading source of direct-to-garment and T-Jet products and support. They offer FREE technical support for the T-Jet and FastRIP. Steeltec/Karl Steele works hand in hand with American Screen Supply on T-Jet service and support.

Products supported: All models of T-Jet printers and FastRIP for the T-Jet and for film output.




Harry Oster and friends at Equipment Zone were a T-Jet Master Distributor for many years. They have sold more T-Jet printers than anyone. And, they have gained a reputation for reliable service. Equipment Zone hired a number of key employees from U.S. Screen and is offering support for many of U.S. Screen’s products.

Products supported: All models of T-Jets and FastRIP for the T-Jet and for film output.



Lazo Graphics is owned by Billy Lazo who worked as a sample shirt printer, responsible for sample and custom sample shirts, and an onsite technician for U.S. Screen. Billy is certified in T-Jet repair and training and is highly educated in digital graphics. Lazo Graphics creates custom graphics for all types of garment decorators and provides support and repair on any Epson-based DTG printer. They also carry supplies and parts for your (DTG) printer.

Products supported: All models of T-Jet printers.



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