We have put our webinars on a short break due to time constraints. Here is a list of past webinars.

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There are no webinars scheduled for the rest of the year.

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T-Seps 3.0 Introduction (45:00 minutes)
The webinar  introduces you to T-Seps 3.0 – the next generation FastFilms and T-Seps automated color separation software for garment screen printers. Scott Fresener walks you through all the new features and show you how easy it is to create high-end color separations for light and dark shirts. T-Seps 3.0 is an Adobe Photoshop plug-in that works in CS6 and the new CC. If you want to see the power of T-Seps this webinar shows you that and more.
[viddy f=’yt_NKnJvwva9U0′ i=’https://t-biznetwork.com/images/Webinar1.jpg’ t=’T-Seps 3.0 Separation Suite Introduction with Scott Fresener’]
T-Seps 3.0 Training (53:00 minutes)
Learn how to use T-Seps 3.0 in this webinar presented by Scott Fresener. You will learn how to prepare the final pre-separation art files, what routines to run, how to do basic final tweaks, how to set the file for film output and much more.
Scott Fresener [viddy f=’yt_VBo7hPgxTFk’ i=’https://t-biznetwork.com/images/Webinar2.jpg’ t=’T-Seps 3.0 Training Webinar with Scott Fresener’]
T-Seps – Tweaking Final Separations (52:00 Minutes)
The secret to a great set of seps is the final tweaks. Regardless of what automated program you run it is the final adjustments that make all the difference. In this short program presented by Scott Fresener you will learn how to use your screen printing intuition to make sure each color prints bright. You will learn how to use the Info panel to read each separation, how to clean up seps done from low quality artwork, how to adjust for dot gain, how to reduce the color count and much more.
Scott Fresener


[viddy f=’yt_Ieahgmm_Q-U’ i=’https://t-biznetwork.com/images/Webinar3.jpg’  t=’T-Seps Final Tweaks Webinar with Scott Fresener’]

All About Adobe’s Creative Cloud (21:41 Minutes)
Are you confused about Adobe’s new Creative Cloud? Are you concerned about having to upgrade? This webinar with Scott Fresener will tell you everything you need to know about the great new way to subscribe to software using Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Plus, Scott will cover some of the new features in Adobe Photoshop CS6/CC.
Scott Fresener [viddy f=’yt_Ur8s4V530Yw’ i=’https://t-biznetwork.com/images/Webinar5.jpg’  t=’T-Seps Final Tweaks Webinar with Scott Fresener’]
Secrets of High-End Garment Printing (32:43 Minutes)
Have you been struggling to do high-end photorealistic prints on light and dark shirts? This webinar covers an overview of proper artwork creation and then details about creating great separations, proper screen making, how to hold fine halftone dots on the screen, ink usage, press setup, and printing techniques. This webinar covers a lot of ground and will make you a much better printer.
Scott Fresener [viddy f=’yt_YJvCRSgYv3U’ i=’https://t-biznetwork.com/images/Webinar4.jpg’  t=’Secrets of High-End Garment Printing Webinar with Scott Fresener’]
Film Output with T-RIP (34:17 Minutes)
Learn all about T-Biz Network’s T-RIP film output software. Scott Fresener shows all of the features of the program along with the installation, operation and troubleshooting. Learn how to get perfect films with halftone dots from an inexpensive inkjet printer.
Scott Fresener [viddy f=’yt_h2hGhTWdouY’ i=’https://t-biznetwork.com/images/Webinar-T-RIP200.jpg’  t=’Film Output with T-RIP by Scott Fresener’]
Webinar times and dates are subject to change based on demand and presenter availability.



We are now offering regularly scheduled webinars on a variety of industry topics. These webinars are free and feature Scott Fresener and other guest presenters. You simply need to register for them in order to get a link to the webinar pages.
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