SGIA in Vegas Breaks all Records! Watch Show Review Here.

SGIA Expo 2014 Show Review

In case you missed the SGIA Expo October 22-24 in Las Vegas, it was a fantastic show! It broke previous attendance records with over 25,500 registered attendees and 541 exhibitors. Wow! Congratulations to SGIA for putting on a terrific event at a great city. Maybe they will see the writing on the wall and make Vegas their permanent home. They are going to be in Atlanta in 2015 and then back to Vegas in 2016 and then to New Orleans for 2017. 

You can see the list of Golden Image winners HERE and read about the Product of the Year winners HERE.

Here is a 75 minute show review and conversation between Richard Greaves and Scott Fresener. Learn what you missed, what was new, rumors, opinions, history and much more. Sit back and watch the entire video to get some good insight into the show and the industry!

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