SGIA EXPO 2018 SHOW REVIEW with Greaves and Fresener


In case you missed it, the 2018 SGIA Expo held in Las Vegas, October 18-20 was HUGE. Richard Greaves and
Scott Fresener give you a blow-by-blow review of the show including behind-the-scenes tidbits, rumors,
details about the show name change to Printing United in 2019, show highlights and a lot more. This video is
70 minutes long but well worth watching because of all the side things you might have missed including the
Golden Images, the SGIA History Wall, the Garment Decorators lunch, the outstanding show party at the Club
TAO, comments on Rich Hoffman’s (M&R) retirement, and on and on. In YouTube You can click on the times listed and jump
right to a section of the report. Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

1:15 Printing United name change details
7:40 SGIA History Wall – learn about the how the show started
16:10 New Products being shown
18:10 Rich Hoffman/M&R retirement
24:35 Show live interviews
26:25 Golden Image Awards details
30:00 Upcoming Waterbased Mastery Course with Coudray and Virus Inks
33:00 Upcoming ShirtLab workshop with Tom Rauen and Marshall Atkinson
40:20 Stahls live event at the show
46:20 The Academy of Screen & Digital Printing Technology lunch
46:50 Induction of new Academy Members
50:00 The show Party at club TAO
56:40 The Garment Decorators Lunch/ThreadX preview
1:03:30 Comments on the Seminars
1:06:00 Upcoming Seminars

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