10 Reasons to buy or upgrade to T-Seps 3.0


What are you waiting for? It’s time to get T-Seps 3.0.

You’ve been looking at T-Seps 3.0 for a few months. You are afraid of having to learn Photoshop. You turn down jobs where you know T-Seps could have paid for itself. You have FastFilms or T-Seps 2.0 and you are not sure if it is better. You aren’t sure about going to the new Photoshop on the Creative Cloud.

It’s time to move off the fence and get T-Seps 3.0. You know you will love it. You know it will be good to learn Photoshop. Don’t be afraid of the Creative Cloud and CS6/CC. You know T-Seps 3.0 will make you a better printer and get you bigger and better customers. If you already have FastFilms or T-Seps 2.0 you will really discover how much better, faster and improved T-Seps 3.0 is!

PLUS… if you have any of the competing programs you will find that there is really no competition. T-Seps 3.0 is easier to user, creates much more accurate separations and gives you many more options and choices than an other program on the market.

Here are 10 reasons to buy T-Seps 3.0 Separation Suite:

  1. Written by Scott Fresener
    This one is easy. Scott is a great color separator and having T-Seps is like having Scott at your computer. Anyone can write a script to do certain actions in Photoshop but the key is in having a great knowledge of color separating that makes these programs really work. It is the knowledge under the hood that counts.

  2. More routines. T-Seps 3.0 is a Suite of programs.
    T-Seps 3.0 is not just one program. It has five separation methods with lots of options for each – Simulated Process, CMYK, Index Color, Discharge, Black & White, and Spot Color. It now has additional routines that are design specific. Does your artwork have a boat and water? We have a routine just for that? Do you have critical flesh tones? We have a routine for that. It has over 25 additional routines for image enhancements.

  3. Easy to use. Intuitive Graphic Interface.
    Even if you don’t know Photoshop – T-Seps 3.0 is easy to use with the new graphical interface. It has dozens of help menus and a great and easy-to-follow manual.

  4. Free support directly with Scott Fresener.
    When you call for support you get Scott Fresener on the other end of the phone. Send Scott files for evaluation. Ask Scott to do an online session where he helps train you over the internet! You won’t find better support in the industry.

  5. The most accurate monitor preview of any.
    The key to great seps is to make sure they preview just like they will print. T-Seps 3.0’s preview is very accurate. The dot gain and ink opacity settings are based on Scott’s years of experience.

  6. Job Proof. Instant PDF.
    With a couple of mouse clicks you have an instant PDF Job Proof showing the shirt image, colors, and all the the job details ready to print out or email to the customer. Another great time saver!

  7. No RIP. Separate and Print!
    If you have an inkjet printer that prints dense black images then you don’t need a RIP with T-Seps. T-Seps will automatically convert the file to halftones and even let you see how the actual fill will look on a shirt in halftones. What a great proof!

  8. Works with files with transparent background. One click separations.
    New with T-Seps 3.0. Use any file with a transparent background. No need to make a “black” and “white” version. What a time saver! Open the file and separate. Create files in Corel or Adobe Illustrator and export as a PDF. Open in Photoshop and click. Easy!

  9. Uses features only found in Photoshop CS6 and CC.
    T-Seps 3.0 takes advantage of many features only found in new CS6/CC including better flesh tones.

  10. Take your company to the next level.
    Never turn down a job. Feel proud of the work you do. Start takings jobs you never thought you could handle.

    Download a Free Trial HERE. Learn more about T-Seps HERE.

    Questions? Send direct email to scott@tbiznetwork.com.

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