SGIA EXPO 2018 in Las Vegas – October 18-20

SGIA Expo 2018

This year SGIA’s huge Expo is being held in Las Vegas, NV, October 18-20. The Vegas shows are always the best and this year they are bragging of over 500 exhibitors. They have the annual Golden Image competition and a great seminar lineup.

What makes this show special is this is the LAST SGIA Show as we know it. For many of us we have spent our lives going to and/or exhibiting at this show. Starting in 2019, the SGIA Expo is combining with Napco Media and the new “mega show” will be held in October 23-25, 2019 in Dallas and called Print United. Here is a recent trade article about the change.

No, SGIA as a trade organization is not going away but the show will certainly be different. We hope that the garment decorators don’t get lost in the shuffle and merger. 

Check out the SGIA EXPO HERE.