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Terry Combs is a leading industry expert with an emphasis on real world production management. Terry blogs on the industry and his life experiences. He might even blog on his political beliefs if asked.

The Four Day Work Week

Terry Combs talks about going to a 4-day workweek. Good ideas!

A Good Day to Start a Business by Terry Combs

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you know the economy has been down for months, jobs are being lost, credit is tight to non-existent,...

Sensory Overload – Training in Today’s World of Garment Printing by Terry Combs

Much of the free screen printing information on YouTube and in the forums and the blogs is based on opinion and a limited, sheltered experience.

Four Rules of Management for Each Department

Sometimes in the heat of battle, we forget there is a customer involved in this process. If every department has the attitude of pleasing the customer, your business will prosper, guaranteed.

The Work Order Flow Through Typical Production

I talked last week with printers in Florida, discussing how a physical work order progresses through a production shop. Here's how it works for...

Making Your Meetings Matter

Are you a meeting minimalist, or do you have meetings for the purpose of planning another meeting?

The Future of Clear Inkjet Film by Terry Combs

“Why is this clear film so hard to find these days?”

Being Your Own Consultant

Terry Combs tells how to be your own consultant.
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