T-Seps Now 64-Bit on MAC


It is often hard to keep up with technology and companies like Apple and Adobe don’t make it easy for small software developers like us. T-Seps has been working great on 64-bit Windows computers for a long time. We just released the upgrade for T-Seps to now work on 64-bit Mac. That means if you have CS5 or higher and Lion OS on your Mac you can now take advantage of the extra RAM and speed you get with 64-bit. Due to programming changes and security issues the T-Seps Free Trial only works in 32-bit on Mac. Once you purchase the program (or upgrade from FastFilms), we will send you the 64-bit version.

If you tried the T-Seps Free Trial before and decided to wait for the 64-bit version, you can give the Free Trial another shot. Simply send us the unlocking code and tell us you want a few more days to test it out.

This is a FREE upgrade to licensed owners of T-Seps. Simply send email to support@tbiznetwork.com to request your upgrade.

Learn more about T-Seps at www.T-Seps.com. If you have any questions simply email scott@tbiznetwork.com or call 480-212-1078 or 1/888-801-

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