Inksoft Business Software and Online Designer is Looking Very Good!


Comments by Scott Fresener:
Over the years I have watched  the online designer guys work to be relevant to this industry. The problem has often been many of the developers are not from the industry and they “think” they know what we need. And, others simply never “got it” and never had features you needed. I even thought of getting into this but decided there were people better at it than me. I have been watching Inksoft now for a few years and I must say these guys have really matured! 

When they first came out I felt the design interface/templates were clunky and not cool or clean. I sat back and watched as they evolved and like many of us – they got beat up on industry Forums and worked hard to become relevant and “the guys.” That day is here and with the release of their new HTML5 version a couple of months ago – and a HOT clean look with tons of new features – Inksoft has arrived!

I have had hundreds and hundreds of people ask me who has the best online designer – or more simply – who could build a website for them. Since I am the jack-of-all trades for my site I know what it takes to build and maintain a website and frankly, if you are a T-Shirt printer you need to focus on what you do and let other guys do what they do – your website!

Inksoft is not cheap. Their basic program is $999 for the setup and $99 per month. Ouch. But really? It is actually a bargain for what you get! Where else can you get a great look, tons of clipart, major catalogs of products, a “responsive” (works on phones and tablets) website, no transaction fee (you don’t pay a percentage of each sale), etc., etc.

OK, there are other guys out there who are less money going in but they charge a transaction fee. I disagree with that. Dig deep and pay the one time fee – that you would have to pay someone anyway – and get up and running in a matter of days. And, you get an online designer and much more.

I am friends with the guys at Inksoft (sales office in Scottsdale, AZ), and they have given me a coupon code of TBIZ that if you use it – you will save $100 off of your setup fee. If you are not sure, signup for a demo store and road test it.

Now for the bad news and tough love……. I noticed on a forum that someone posted they had paid for Inksoft and had not had a single order. WOW! That is not how it works. Build it and they won’t come unless you promote it. Don’t do Inksoft, DecoNetwork or anyone else if you think it is that simple. You must promote the website and use it as your online storefront. There is nothing like real selling – yes, knocking on doors – but you need to have a website they will feel comfortable with.

Remember, use TBIZ as a coupon code when you order Inksoft and save $100.  Their website is extensive so take time looking through it. Then jump in with both feet. I am currently working with one of my consulting clients on their Inksoft website and I love it.


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