T-FX Edge Effect Examples

Over 30 Edge Effects, the Distressed Look, a fun Puzzle Effect and more.
Some samples below have been cropped a little. Click on each image to see the full effect. Some effects have many options allowing for more or less of an effect or to even get extreme results.
brushstrokeedge blockedge circleedgelarge crystaledge extremeedgelarge
Brush Stroke Edge Block Edge Circle Edge (S,M,L) Crystal Edge Extreme Edge – Large
extremeedgemedium frameedgebrushstroke frameedgehalftone frostedglassedge grainyedge
Extreme Edge – Medium Frame Edge Brush Stroke Frame Edge Halftone Frosted Glass Edge Grainy Edge
halftoneedge jaggededge paintbrushedge pondrippleedge raggededge
Halftone Edge Jagged Edge Paintbrush Edge Pond Ripple Edge Ragged Edge
sawtoothedge spatteredgelarge spikeedge1 spikeedge2 spikeedge3
Sawtooth Edge Spattered Edge(S,M,L) Spike Edge – Extreme Spike Edge – Large Spike Edge – Medium
stuccoedge woodgrainedge zigzag1edge zigzag2edge zigzag3edge
Stucco Edge Woodgrain Edge Zig Zag Edge 1 Zig Zag Edge 2 Zig Zag Edge 3
zigzag4edge distressedlook-medium distressedlook-large bulldogdistressed t-fx-puzzle
Zig Zag Edge 4 Distressed Look – Small Distressed Look – Med. Distressed Look – Lg. Puzzle Look