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Printers Boot Camp

Fresener’s Printers Boot Camp Workshops. New Dates

Fresener’s Printers Boot Camp Workshops. New Dates

Scott and Mike Fresener now have a permanent location for their popular hands-on training classes in Bowling Green Kentucky. They have added new classes and are now offering these classes every six weeks. Their most popular class in a three day workshop on the entire T-Shirt printing process – everything from A – Z. This Read More

T-Shirt Report

The T-Shirt Report with Scott Fresener & Richard Greaves – Episode 24 ISS Show Review Released

We just released Episode 24 of the T-Shirt Report. The T-Shirt Report is an industry internet vblog that we are doing with our very good friend, Richard Greaves. Each episode brings you Industry News and Comments, Tech Talk, Trade Show News and Reviews, Interesting Reading, focused topic segments, opinions and rants (of course) and much Read More

Computer Graphics Articles

Three new computer graphic articles from Scott Fresener

I just put three new articles on my main Articles page. They are all on computer graphics and they are all topics that I deal with almost daily in doing separations and talking to DTG customers. Enjoy!Preparing Artwork for DTG PrintingStop Ruining Great ArtworkHelping Artists Understand File Formats


Stitches Magazine – Power 75 for 2014 – #51 Again

The number 51 must be my lucky number. Once again I am on the Stitches Magazine Power 75 list of the industry’s top 75 most influential people. This list leans heavily to the embroidery side since Stitches mainly covers embroidery topics. I am once again #51 for the year 2014. Thanks Stitches! Read the entire Read More

Fresener Greaves ISS Show Review

ISS Long Beach Show Review with Fresener and Greaves

Commentary by Scott Fresener. Doing T-Shirt industry trade show reports has become a tradition and I have been teaming up with my good friend Richard Greaves to do these. We just finished our Long Beach ISS Show report and it is great. If you want to see what you missed (whether you were there or Read More


Final Separation Tweaks in Adobe Photoshop

This article will assume you already have a basic Photoshop channel separation done as Simulated Process Color. The information here is geared moretowards doing final tweaks after you have separated using one automated separation programs that will sometimes give you too many color choices or they might lose fine subtle detail. Even if you do Read More

SGIA Expo 2014 Show Review

SGIA in Vegas Breaks all Records! Watch Show Review Here.

In case you missed the SGIA Expo October 22-24 in Las Vegas, it was a fantastic show! It broke previous attendance records with over 25,500 registered attendees and 541 exhibitors. Wow! Congratulations to SGIA for putting on a terrific event at a great city. Maybe they will see the writing on the wall and make Vegas Read More

T-Seps 3.5

Just Released! T-Seps 3.5 for Photoshop CC 2014

This one has been a long time coming and took more work than we thought. On June 18 Adobe released Photoshop CC 2014 and made a major change in how programs like T-Seps work in their Extensions Panels. Prior to CC 2014, Extensions were generally Flash based programs. Starting in CC 2014 Adobe changed things Read More


Epson New DTG Printer – Is this the game changer?

UPDATE:  The following article was written back in November of 2013. A lot has happened since then. Epson has provided a printer for us to use in our Printers Boot Camp classes and we can say we LOVE this baby! Because we only use it for classes, it will often sit for weeks and weeks. Read More

Color Seps with Scott Fresener

Color Separations in Photoshop with Scott Fresener

 It is almost impossible to tell everything you need to know about color separating in a short article. But, I feel strongly that if I can point you in the right direction and maybe cut through some of the myths and opinions that you hear – that are wrong – you will break out of Read More


Inksoft Business Software and Online Designer is Looking Very Good!

Comments by Scott Fresener: Over the years I have watched  the online designer guys work to be relevant to this industry. The problem has often been many of the developers are not from the industry and they “think” they know what we need. And, others simply never “got it” and never had features you needed. Read More


ISS Nashville Show Review with Scott Fresener and Richard Greaves

Check out this very insightful show review of the very first ISS Show held in Nashville May 8-10. Scott and Richard give a very in depth show review including things that are new, a run down of who was there, comments on this first time event (excellent!), rumors, gossip and much more. You can always Read More