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Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 – New Version – New Problems

Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 – New Version – New Problems

Once again there is an upgrade to one of my favorite programs and once again the upgrade adds a few new features and breaks others. On June 18, 2014 Adobe released a new version of Photoshop CC called CC 2014. This is a stand-alone version that can co-exist along with your current CC, CS6 or Read More


Customer’s first job with T-Seps

I have been working with a start-up screen printer in Mesa, Arizona called Group Imaging and they are doing things all the right way. They are a large banner and display manufacturer moving into adding T-Shirts to their product mix. Owner, Jeff Burris is not afraid of buying the best equipment and setting up a Read More


New Computer Graphics Quick Tips Videos

In an effort to do more and more short videos we are now doing Quick Tips videos (less than ten minutes) on key specific topics relating to Computer Graphics and Color Separations. The first three are here and they include:Quick Tip #1 – How to get cleaner and sharper separations by turning off anti-aliasing in Read More


Important Photoshop Display Settings Change – Don’t miss this.

Starting with Photoshop CS4, I noticed that often on jobs that were color separated as a typical “channel separation” that they would not display with “dot gain” applied based on my 30% dot gain settings in the Color Settings window. This is important because if a set of color separations does not display on the Read More

Color Seps by Scott

Color Separations by Scott Fresener

If you don’t have time to learn or use an automated separation program like T-Seps, or if you don’t do enough high-end work


Choking, Trapping & Cleaning up Type in Photoshop – by Scott Fresener

A Little Background First Choking and Trapping are two very common printing terms that relate to creating artwork that prints easy at the press.  Computer graphics programs can create outstanding graphics but when you output the films for the separations all the colors butt up against each other. In a perfect world this is great. Read More


Who really uses T-Seps and FastFilms?

Some days I feel like a hairdresser. I know much more than I should. Over the years I have had the great pleasure of seeing a LOT of great shirt images of famous people, places, and things that came from FastFilms and now T-Seps. If you look at some of the samples on the T-Seps Read More