Screen Printing Business Course Online From Terry Combs

For everyone who can’t attend a hands-on screen printing class, there’s a new opportunity online. The idea is to save time, save travel, save hotels and meals and rental cars. And in today’s economy, it just makes sense. This is the same course already taught to thousands in person, but now available on your home or office computer over an eight week period. And unlike the array of how-to videos available on the internet today, the new course is offering one-on-one interaction with your specific questions, market ideas and business plans throughout the course.

A real plus is that you can take this class at your own pace and convenience. Wives, husbands, partners, kids or co-workers can watch over your shoulder and participate with you in the eight week course.

The course package starts from the very beginning “what is a screen” and ends with learning about the business of screen printing.  Students will see how to setup and print a full color simulated process image on a black T-shirt. Will learn to degrease and coat a screen. Learn the secrets of a quick set up for your multi-color jobs. Learn about transfers, specialty inks, art preparation and more.

Struggling with what equipment and supplies to buy? One-on-one advice is available to make informed decisions for your specific business.

This class is for anyone who imagines becoming a professional and profitable garment screen printer. Whether working from a two-car garage or from a brand new storefront on Main Street, this class is a complete business startup course.

This class will arm students with all those tips, tricks and hard earned secrets that come from years of screen printing experience. There are lots of random videos available online, but this is a real screen printing course taught by an industry recognized professional. And when you have questions, answers and help is part of the package

The course includes:

  • Weekly links to each class session, to be viewed at each student’s convenience during that week
  • The book How to Print T-Shirts for Fun & Profit mailed to as a reference
  • The opportunity to Email  specific questions and comments, and receive responses for all class participants to read and appreciate
  • Weekly class materials to assist in following along with the course and to use as reference afterwards
  • Regular mailings during the course of sample products, coupons and discounts offered by the class sponsors
  • Bonus shop tour videos
  • A class completion certificate at the end of the course

As you might have guessed, this is my own course. The same course I teach in locations across the country. Go to for more information.


Terry Combs is a 30+ year veteran of the garment decorating industry, offering training and consulting through his website Terry is also editor of the management and production newsletter Screen Print Weekly.

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