Hanging at the Airport Again

Well, I said I was done with this, but I guess never say never. I’m sitting in the departure lounge in LAX waiting to board a 19 hr flight to Dubai, eventually ending up in Tirupur, India. Over 27 hours in a plane seat! I said I was never going to go to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, or Sri Lanka. Guess what, these are the places where big t shirt volume is happening. I’m doing a consulting gig with a vertical apparel company that’s printing 50,000 shirts a day.  They’ve been after me for two years to come, and I’ve just been too busy. Things are slow enough now where I can take off for 10 days or so. I’m supposed to have a good internet connection there and I’m looking forward to uploading  pics and videos over the next week or so. Usually when I’ve gone to far away places like this I’ve flown on some pretty interesting (read scary) airlines.  This time it will be different. I’m flying Emirates Air with the youngest fleet of planes in the world. They only fly Boeing 777s and the double decker Airbus 380. I’m n the 777LR  with laptop power, USB, and Ethernet in EVERY passenger seat – Woo Hoo… I might even be able to blog while I’m over the Sahara.

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