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A Quick Note from Scott Fresener

The leaves are falling and the T-Shirt business starts to level off and in some cases drops like a rock. It is time to work on holiday business and get what you can in the way of employee and customer gift shirts, holiday retail sales if you do retail, and gear up for hoodies, sweats and long sleeve shirts. Dust them off. Mike Fresener and I were at the SGIA Expo in Vegas in September and did a lot of live interviews. Follow the links below. And, maybe we can get on with our lives after the election. Whew….    Scott

What's in this issue:

  • SGIA recap
  • SGIA LIVE videos
  • ISS Long Beach details
  • Calendar of Events
  • Printers Boot Camp 2017. New classes in Scottsdale, AZ.
Scott Fresener
SGIA Show Wrapup It was a great show with new "game changer" equipment.
We were at the SGIA Expo in Las Vegas in September and thought it was a great show. Yes, it was 80% wide format – BUT – the SGIA Expo still has a nice garment printing section including the large Garment Zone where Lon Winters/Graphic Elephants holds court and there are lots of exhibitors in a non-sales environment. What a place to learn. And, once again Lon pulled out all the stops to print a show stopping Elvis print!

And, the SGIA Expo is really a hardware show where everyone brings out their new stuff. There was a LOT of DTG at the show and the real show stopper/game changer was MHM from Austria showing the Digital iQ printer that combines the best of screen printing and digital. They were showing a "beta" of their new printer and it was a jaw dropper!

We did a great interview with them as one of our show videos and it really shows the machine and gives details. Watch it on our YouTube Channel HERE. There machine is so new that there is nothing on the MHM website about it. They were showing it for the first time and don't plan to take orders until late Spring at the FESPA show in Hamburg, Germany. BUT…… this is the future for high volume T-Shirt printing.
SGIA Garment Zone

MHM Digital iQ
Facebook LIVE Videos from SGIA Watch eleven videos from the SGIA floor.
This year we decided to not worry about shooting show videos and then editing them. We used the latest Facebook LIVE and simply shot them LIVE from the show floor. It was SO easy and quick. We did Fourteen videos and most of them are GREAT! They are short and sweet and you can learn a lot from watching them – and see what you missed.

We even shot a T-Shirt Report from the Garment Decorators Zone with our good friend Richard Greaves. 

Check out all the videos at the T-Biz Network Facebook page. Make sure to Share them, Like them, and comment on them. We plan to do a lot more Facebook LIVE videos and events.
T-Shirt Report LIVE from SGIA 2016
ISS Long Beach – This is THE show to attend!
You have heard us say this over and over. The Long Beach ISS Show is THE event of the industry. And this year it is going to be HUGE! In order to accomodate all the exhibtors the show has taken over the Long Beach Convention Center AND the Arena and even lobby areas for booths. That says a LOT about the size. It is our opinion that this show is the WORLD'S biggest and best T-Shirt Printing trade show.

Plus, they have a great seminar program including excellent pre-show workshops on a wide variety of topics. Of course THE best and newest pre-show workshop is being presented by – yours truely – Scott Fresener! The title is Everything You Wanted to Know About Color Separations. Details HERE. It is being held Thursday, January 19th from 10:00 to 5:00. It is "hands-on" – bring a laptop and follow along (as best you can). 
ISS Shows

Scott Fresener Seminar

Events Calendar Catch a show or workshop near you.
We have an Events Calendar with all the 2017 trade shows and key events listed online at the T-Biz website HERE. The following is a short list of upcoming shows and seminars. T-Biz Network Events Calendar
Hands-On Training Classes – Next Class Group – December 9-12

Fresener's Printers Boot Camp
We have released our 2017 class dates and have added new Master Color Seps classes in Scottsdale, AZ. Learn all about T-Shirt printing, color separations, DTG and Sublimation at one of our Boot Camp workshops. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned pro – we have something for you. 

3-Day – T-Shirt Printing Boot Camp
December 9-11  •  February 9-11  •  March 10-12
May 10-12  •  June 22-24

Taught by Mike Fresener
$395 per person. (reg. $495)
Save 30% for each additional person.
Everything from A-Z. Hands-on.

1 – Day – Digital Printing – DTG & Sublimation
December 12  •  February 12  •  April 2
May 13  •  June 25

Taught by Mike Fresener
$175 per person. (reg. $195)
Digital printing. DTG and Sublimation. Hands-on!

2 – Day – Master Color Separator Boot Camp
December 3-4 (Scottsdale)  •  February 4-5 (Scottsdale)
April 8-9 (Bowling Green)  •  May 6-7 (Scottsdale)
June 10-11 (Bowling Green)

Taught by Scott Fresener
$295 per person. (reg. $395)
Save 30% for each additional person.

Learn high-end seps with Photoshop. Hands-on.

3 – Day – 3D Printing Boot Camp
November 18-20  •  March 17-19
Taught by Mike Fresener

$795 per person (reg. $995)
Save 30% for each additional person.
This class is NEW and does not have much to do with T-Shirt printing. You actually build a 3D printer kit in class and learn all about the process from 3D modeling to creating your own images and files. 

See the complete class outlines and register online at www.PrintersBootCamp.com

Printers Boot Camp

Class sizes are limited.
T-Seps for High-End Color Separations – The secret weapon!
With over 10,000 worldwide users of FastFilms and now T-Seps Separation Suite – the industry has embraced the best automated color separation program for garment screen printers. If you want to do high-end printing in-house and don't want to outsource your seps – T-Seps is the answer. It is a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop that let's you create high-end color seps quickly and easily. Download a 20 day Free Trial HERE. Road test it for 20 days and you will never turn back. If you tried it before try it again. We will extend your trial time. It just keeps getting better.

T-Seps will be your "secret weapon."  T-Seps works with Adobe Photoshop 7 (very old) all the way through the latest CC 2015.5.

Details HERE
T-Seps Separation Software
Color Separations by Scott Fresener Let us do the hard ones!
Do you need a great set of seps for that special customer or hard job? Let us do a high-end set of seps for light or dark shirts for you. The normal price for single seps orders is $75 and we have 5-Pack, 10-Pack, and 20-Pack pre-paid orders that are popular with larger customers. 

Get more details and look at sample files HERE.
Screen Print Supplies Inkjet Film, Union Ink, Supplies, Bulk Ink Systems
Need ink, emulsion, frames, chemicals and more? Help is on the way from Independent Print Supplies! Mike Fresener carries everything you need and is ready to help you get you prepared.

Go to Independent Print Supplies HERE.
Union Ink
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